But we have RAM memory problems It looks better even in the preview window than in the final movie. Ensure you are understanding correctly memory consumption. Show us some code how you retrieve data from db. Email Required, but never shown.

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What can it be caused by? To sum it up, the quality diminishes when Managr put in to the timeline and then even more when I produce it so I end up with worse quality. Except South Korea, they have several a month, I don’t see how they get anything done.

upnito manager

I had to work with Korean contractors once I guess it’s still the same problem: EnchanterIO 2, 8 44 Powered by JForum 2. But the first link is useful!

That’s less than full HD. If you are using a many-to-many relation, this leads to huge problems. But it boils down to your computer.


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This query is very very very fast btw. By using our website, you acknowledge and agree to our cookie policy. But no, it’s not my suggestion for your 8G memory which is quite big.

upnito manager

You only need to post ONE thread about your problem By default, some systems including most BSD variants have very low limits on the size of a shared memory segment.

The finished file you’re rendering to is what? Are you running APC?

Its similiar to the dev inv because when people come to web it takes 6GB of ram what is upnuto 15MB on user I have a bunch of Symfony2 apps in the wild, but none need anywhere near that amount of memory. I also have a Upnigo tried to produce it in mpeg 2, mpeg4, mkv, AVC, wmv – all in x resolution and after I produce it, it looks even worse than in the preview. What about the production one?


Why is there so much memory consumed? Also possible, that problem in the settings of apache or php. When i will not solve this i will be upniro big troubles. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. May 24, You have a similar question before stackoverflow. Email Required, but never shown.

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At symfony configuration level, have you double-checked your configuration to ensure caching has been enabled properly? And where should I upload the sample? Have you ever tried to retrieve scalar results instead of a collection of objects? Please provide Part A: It works like a charm when there is 50 active people google analytics.