What I’m looking for is a natural causes medical, asthma attack. Anyway, enough about me. At least people are out here in line and some of them getting here as early as 3: All right, all right. Look, the album did what it did. Until things sort themselves out. No discount on this stuff either.

treme s04e01

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Treme S04E01

Mold and rot had its way with just about everything. Talk of the town. You ain’t trying all that hard.

treme s04e01

How bad would it be if someone did something with the old Municipal Auditorium? I haven’t gotten hreme it yet. Treme Season 2 Complete p.

treme s04e01

And singing rock-and-roll dance hall tunes en Francais for an encore– that ain’t it. How much of a slice are you looking for?

Yes We Can subtitles English |

My mind is gone. Don’t think I won’t walk. And damn glad to be back in the Lone Star State, believe me. And remember, if you want your vote to matter, the question is what are you doing here?


We got to write something fresh, something new. We’re gonna try to get some of this stuff on a record come next year. Shit, trdme started two months ago when they let Lehman Brothers go under. Putting on a little weight.

What about your family? Can I ask you something else? No, I got tickets to see Shorty at the Wolf. You done any canvassing?

Ooh, as big a piece of the pie as you need me to take. Baby, we did it. You could actually fucking quit, Davis. We still don’t know who shot him or who burned him up.

As it happens, we’re a few years past believing that anything but spit, chewing gum, and dumb luck keeps anyone high and dry. Who still wonders if the dream treem our founders is alive in our time?

Mic check, one, two. LaDonna has a new man, Janette has a new sign, and Davis has on a new padawan of jazz. Most of them are I mean, what’s there to yell about?


Yes We Can subtitles English

We only have girls in my family. Get me out of this fucking market now! You make the suit yourself?

Cherise Pretty girl we went to the Hall with? Order it in advance. So what should I call you now? Or even New Orleans.

treme s04e01