Users browsing this forum: That said I’ve only had a few issues anyway months and years apart with the majority simply repeated from the first to the last. The only disadvantage I can see to that is that my DAW would have to cope with many hundreds of Plugin entries. Also my ToneBooster EQ is just as good, so they are redundant for me. I’m storing all this stuff locally until I get time to explore it- and I don’t want to be duplicating files. Once there you pick the issue you bought, and you’ll have a little quiz requiring you to search the mag for the answer..

sonimus satson cm

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That said I’ve only had a few issues anyway months and years apart with the majority simply repeated from the first to the last. However, we’re now starting to see plug-ins that emulate the subtle sonic and dynamic behaviour of desk channels and busses themselves. I have emailed support, but I hope this doesnt mean I have to sohimus through all that Zinio shizzle again.

Satson CM at Computer Music

You get access to all the plugs released up till that edition. Halfbak3d-Make your own kind of world http: Satson is more than just an EQ curve, and with dynamic material such as drums we’re able to identify the low-frequency saturation that both plug-ins add.

sonimus satson cm

Quite a lot of writing I know but this is a really great plugin and although simple can be used to get satwon very different results.

It’s not a console-specific emulation. Firstly I’m really liking what i’m sataon so far, i’ve been putting over every channel as first insert, have tried last too and it has some varying results and got the buss plugin on all busses and master, have tried fat mode but have steered away from it but I can already see it’ll have it’s time and place.


Anyway, that mono version of Aalto is certainly worth the price already. This forum is locked.

That is, the sound you get just by running a signal through a channel, even with its EQ and compression disabled. Yes from the app,start a new subscription,the First number it’s free and you don’t have to renew the subscription,must keep the number and gain access to the vault.

sonimus satson cm

Reasonably low CPU hit. I’m going to dig up this old thread instead of starting a new one as I finally got around spnimus buying it earlier and have been experimenting with it on a few mixes and wanted to get some discussion going on it; there must be a few users of this plugin.

Sonimus Satson review | MusicRadar

However, you still get the Fat option and a further back-panel Loud setting that adds more saturation to high and low frequencies. I bought my copy of Computer Music that got me access to the downloads from them, downloaded all of the stuff and foolishly stored it on just ONE disk, which has died.

Here is the contents from the cm March disc: I’ve never bothered with the sample content. It permits pitch and timing correction like Reapitch can do for pitch only I believeas well as create nice harmonies, simulating several voices with only one take.


A bit buggy and SM has come a long way since The underlying concept is that the plug-in saturates like an analogue console, imparting that flavour to your mixes.

Be warned though – all the synthmastercm versions are very, very buggy. Get the physical mag if you actually want to read the thing. Users browsing this forum: Also my ToneBooster EQ is just as good, so they are redundant for me.

sonimus satson cm

Satsno we have drums, bass guitar and guitars. As mentioned, this can be gentle, even when using the Fat or Loudness settings. Users posting content here, do so completely at their own risk.

The only other thing to mention is that the soonimus are gentle and musical, rather than surgical or coloured. Nice one thanks man. Listening to the Channel and Buss instances individually reveals sonic differences, and analysis tools show what looks like a general mid-to-high-frequency lift on the Buss plug-in, rather than the more defined mid-range and high-frequency lift seen on the Channel.

By creative ways I mean for example, driving the channel plug and resampling that to get some further distorted textures any suprising results etc or talking advantge of the crosstalk feature for slight stereo effects.

If ragging on the ‘shortcut to the top’ mentality makes me a hater sonmius shower me in haterade. First up, with no Satson, then 2.