You can find it running in Task Manager as the process sm32xtest. Sequence write and sequence read 1: MP tool add FDD only function supporting 8. Multiple Erase All For multiple erase all bad block for restoring bad block. Message in the system tray.


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USB seial number is 0 2: If no setting executed, the setting will be according to the? Support Micron downgrade production.

Then I would have to guess yes, considering the name of the application. Loading the INI File: MP tool add external execute file to call function with tool initial and 5. Content may not be reproduced without explicit permission of the sm32xtets s.

Program as bottom figure.


So before I mess any others up I wanted to just ask the pro’s. The specific character of? Support Toshiba 19nm MLC. Erase Good Block with 0x55 and 0xAA. Switch to mobile style. BT AegisLab Generic Tools The specific tool for mass production. Jan 27, – MP Tool added option for copy compare N bytes could compare new V2. Random write and random read.


– How to Format the Apple USB Restore stick

Disable auto capacity function. It will help you to press the each button you needed. New alignment to solve “Unallocated partition” issue in some specific capacity. Linking to our page s however is very much appreciated. MP tool support Flash ID from 4 bytes to 6 bytes.

Modify early move criteria V 2. Setting the size of Reserve Zone?

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Solve ATTO fail issue when specific capacity. Fix 1K read-retry issue. It’s truly AwEsOmE to see that folks like our articles and small applications. Test Item Copy Test Doing simple read write test with percentage and patterns Setting the pattern and looping within?

What is ? | System Explorer

Our database contains 1 variants of the file “sm32xtest. The Bad block option used for reserved spare block to replace when bad block marked. Gravatar Caching – Gravatar icons will be cached for 2 weeks to improve loading speed. Check Flash ID is matched or not 4bytes User press stop procedure.



The function supports the sequence configuration for specific USB hub port. MP tool support Multi Lun function. Google [Bot] and 8 guests. Support Spectek L85 Half Plane: