Metal forms are generally made out of G. The adjoining edge of the next coarse is turned up 4 em and locked together: Span ish Type 2. The only way by which one could be sure of the right quaHty required is by ‘weight measure of the sheets which is presented in the following Table. Forms for column of various geometrical cross sectional shape are cut according to de-sign.

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The prices of G. C – Wood Shing1es: There are two types of framing adopted in ma’king plywood form: Circular Stair – A staircase with steps wif”! Chalkor charcoalline- isusedformarkinga very rough work.

Comparatively, it could beseenfrom the structures andworks ,ofpastbuilders,thequality. Springless Push-PullTaperule- Isusedtomeasurelongdistances; available from1.

Simplified Methods on Building Construction

The laminated cross-grained of buildng has made the board stronger and free from warping. The sheets are laid and fastened with cleats spaced at 30 em apart. Testing and Guiding Tools9. Bal,ustnde- A series or row of balusters joined by a handrail Bearen -or coping as the parapet of a balcony. Circular column has only two pieces of semi- circular forms usually made of metal sheet supported by wood frame. Different menufacturers of corrugated G.

In a multi-story construction, the columns are made continuous up to four stories where in corbels are used to provide bearing for the beam.


Greasing of form should not be done after the steel bars have been: Thedifferentkindsofconstructiontoolsmaybeclassified according to the different kinds of trade involved: Figure Batten Roofing: Building Design and Construction The factors considered in the selection of forms are: Volumetric Expansion – The use of expanding cement restrained by the steel strand or by a fixed abutments produces prestressed force.

Tee column is sometimes used to support directly double Tee floor members without tlie use of intermediate members. Simplified Estimate by Max Fajardo Documents. Gutter is either concealed or exposed type In various forms and designs.

Simplified methods in building construction by max fajardo free download – Google Docs

Likewise, if the stair between floor is divided into two or more flights, the intermediate beams should be used to support the intermediate landing. The sheets of this type of roofing are assembled together in long length at the top. Form requires frame and ribs. PlasticHosewithwater- isthebest andaccurate tool for guiding the workinestablishing a horizontallevel. The thickness depends upon the requirements while the span can extend up to 18 meters.

Max Fajardo Simplified Methods on Building Construction

Simlified actual construction of stairways simplifier usually boilt after the completion of the main structural framework in which case re- cesses should be left on the beam to support the stair slab inclu- ding the provision of dowels in preparation for the necessary anchorage.


Forms for column of various geometrical cross sectional shape are cut according to de-sign. Flyers- Steps in a flight that are parallel with each other. Form is not an exception to ‘ this objective,more so that it falls under the category of the major item in building construction that requires substantial appropria- tion.

Ledger Beam – Is designed to reduce the height of the floor and roof construction.

Max Fajardo Simplified Methods on Building Construction

Divider- isusedindividingdistancesintoequalparts’ particularly anarc or circumference. The demand for skilled workers on on-site building cons– truction is increasingly outrunning the supply. Hewitt has originated simplifiex circular prestressing of cylindrical tank and pipes followed by the important contribu- tions made by T. Two pieces along the larger side and one on the shorter side.