BuddyPress already does that. You remove features they love! Yes, so each user can add their own showreel to their own albums and so on. About cost… We have 31 new addons. You can do migration yourself or ask our support team to do that for you. I did not get sarcasm.

rtmedia pro

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rtmedia pro

I am sorry if sarcasm was not right word to define situation. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

rtMedia PRO is now available for download

That devdev interaction might reduce time your dev need to make changes. Ray We have made it clear in post itself that asking our staff to do migration is optional. Every media element can be rated by users by clicking on up to five stars. We have reduced entry to barrier by splitting a big addons into more affordable addons. I wanted them to reach out to you but they told me that you already created support ticket and was given migration script. If you are a developer, you can modify codes and get things working on your end.

The big problem with using activity post is that it vanishes after while in the flow to never to be found again. Original reason we did PRO was that maintaining smaller addon has a significant cost.


This is limitation of WordPress. Every profile has their own media library rgmedia usual but prl i want is: Going ahead, we hope to improve code quality and performance of each addon as they are easier to manage now.

With rtMedia PRO, a simple user interface allows you to generate your own shortcode based on the options you input!

Something like delicious or pinterest. I am so impressed by this post!

rtmedia pro

We reduced price for a while. Apart from features, migrating will help you get compatibility fixes and security updates if any issue arises. I am sorry but this discussion is not going anywhere.

If you do not want to upgrade, it is also possible. Those added stuff is from PRO version. Loved the recent improvements. Are you a developer? I think it should be one addon for those three for example.

rtMedia Premium bundle Product with 37 addons

But, well, I think the most anoying thing for me is the raise of the price. Our rtmdeia team will do your upgrade without any additional cost to you.

We saw many companies doing smaller addons and creating bundle but we still went other way.


Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have. With premium addons, we can atleast able to keep free version updated. We value you being early adaptor to our products.

Download Free rtMedia PRO Bundle v – Download Free Themes

When we started rtMedia-PRO, our team was small and we wanted to get a great deal of work quickly. Yes, I understand your point Rahul, quality of the code goes in first hand.

So the video can be visible for the viewer and can be played and looked at. You can create a premium support ticket and add your developer email address in CC.

But by design, if there comes a single issue, e. You will get free upgrade to all new addons. I think, the way of creating something, selling it and changing it is different between continents and countries.

rtmedia pro