Generally much better stories. I have used the best judgment I had at the time but except in the later years of the series where the publisher was nice enough to number them, many are arguable. At times Nick Carter is a little too perfect but nevertheless the series is addicting. Nick Carter is sent to get them out, disguised as a monk! They, and others, have gone on to create reputations for highly successful and highly skilled writing. Because when he visits there he finds out no-one with the last name of Reacher has ever lived there.

nick carter killmaster novels

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The sexual encounters are described in great detail. The Omega Terror by Nick Carter. Sun Yat, an elde… More.

Glorious Trash: The Judas Spy (aka Nick Carter: Killmaster #33)

I can easily imagine his entire contribution to the series being, “Hey, secret agents are popular. There is a tattoo of blue axe on the lower right arm of Nick. Night of the Avenger by Nick Carter.

The Weapon of Night – AF Nick Carter was originally a detective. He possesses a high, unlined forehead above a straight nose. The new President of the United States is marked… More.


Killmaster Series

The third and most important weapon used by him is a poisonous gas bomb. But in all the books, Agent N-3 is the quintessential American hero, a man who is not afraid to head into danger and is capable of handling any opponent. To save the space program, Carter must set himself up.

nick carter killmaster novels

On Saturday, 6 Novembera series of seeming… More. Someone, however, is determined to destroy him first.

They are identified by alphanumeric code. This book was published with two bonuses: Later stories state that he has had a series of Lugers, all named Wilhelmina. Some of em I consider classics. The novel is set in October Moscow Written by George Snyder Copyright: AXE is purported to contain several different departments with specific functions including Editing later called “Special Effects and Editing” – headed by Mr.

Carter must get it before the enemy does. This tattoo depicts the identification of an agent from AXE.

nick carter killmaster novels

Carter is out to stop him but it seems everyone is hampering the goal. Strike of the Hawk Written by Joseph L.


nick carter killmaster novels

Altogether, there are more than spy adventure novels, starting from up tofeaturing Nick as the main protagonist. He made Engel sound like a sort of used car nic,

Nick Carter-Killmaster – Wikipedia

Carter must infiltrate his entourage to see who is out to kill him. Therefore, assassination was meant to disturb the relationship between them. But the Killmaster series had something else going for it that may not have been intentional but was nevertheless a factor. Sex and savagery are the facts of life bick every… More.


But they did include maps at the front of the book so you could track the adventure Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The Mind Killers by Nick Carter. Shelve Checkmate in Rio.