Toggle navigation Cosmology Home. Here are a few possibilities: An INI file is a configuration file that stores user settings. Send a private message to mjgraf. The last I knew, all Fermi chips had double precision built in. Posted April 04, If i need to, i just visit a pretty english teaching girl for a more accurate translation.


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Because i am sure that you are no drama queen, i would guess that the error occurs much more often today.

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Make sure you click Apply and Ok to exit. It sounds like the BUG installer was corrupted during the download. Fix for “unable to write INI file” Hi guys, my mate was having this problem and with a combination of research etc we found out what caused it and how to fix it.

I have no clue why this is happening. What do these things mean what’s an Ini file, anyway? The current workaround is to abort these packages and load new ones. I actually just downloaded the new version of WolfRev and got these Ini Failures at game start.


Unable to write to C:\Program Files (x86)\R.G. Mechanics\Far Cry 3\bin\Mechset.ini.

When I play the mod, it makes all the other inis fine after the first time I play If I delete all the inis but the ones left in the download, same thing, from my end the extra ones just regenerate fine after starting up a game. A standalone, portable Ada package for configuration files.

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Fix for “unable to write INI file” – Ventrilo Tech Support

Waltorious Waltorious Sorry, data for given user is currently unavailable. Your name or email address: Posted April 04, Solution – turned off anti virus and load voice files directly from CDProject website.

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Fix for “unable to write INI file”. And where would I find a new installer? Sep 26, Messages: Well the user that reported this hasn’t gotten back to me to answer the questions posed to him. Lord Crunch Send message Joined: When does it fail to write the INI? Right click on the Mechset. I to are getting the same error using Windows 7 64bits see below: Make sure the file is NOT read only.

Nov 28, Messages: If yes mrchset.ini, navigate to it and further to the following path: Can you try downloading and installing the BUG mod, and choose the “install as a mod” version, not the custom assets configuration.


I’m not saying this is a guarenteed fix for all instances of this problem but bear with me and i’ll tell you all i’ve learnt in the last hour which did fix the problem my mate had!