I would think it has more to do with marketing than anything else. He attends 30 weddings a year around the world with his camera, capturing the special moments of loved ones. My main focus is on the couple and the closest people to them — bridal party, parents etc. I personally think that as photographers we would be better off spending our time working on our skills so that we can always create a demand for our stills work, which will always be ahead of anything that a videographer can do. Most of my work is going to occur in Adobe Lightroom- in fact, many of my images will be processed in Lightroom and nothing else.

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I normally go into an environment and look for the dominant light source first. No money, struggling to get my business off the ground, my wife earning a pittance and that money barely covering our bills. If you go to France you will know exactly what I mean. As far as using smaller cameras, rangefinders are the ultimate camera for me. Once I start shooting, I make sure ascoigh I stay hydrated and take plenty of small five minute breaks.

jeff ascough silver actions

Even harsh downlighters will have an area right achions to the main beam of light where the light is even and soft. These are listed in no particular order: To familiarize yourself with Jeff and his work, you may want to read an earlier interview Mary and photo.


To me, even though JPG requires more discipline in actual shooting, that can be a very good thing.

jeff ascough silver actions

Ultimately I would like the world to see the wedding photographer in the same light as fashion photographers, photojournalists and so on, and not the genre of photography that most other genres consider to be beneath them. The only way you can do this is to have a look to your pictures that defines what you do. The downside to plug-ins is that you always end up taking the image outside of the RAW software, editing it in the plug-in, and then bringing it back into the software just to get the results that you want.

Compare what we use now to what Cartier-Bresson had throughout his career. I am still learning now, all the time. My Lightroom black and white presets will give me a file that I am happy to show the client, but one that can be improved upon once I take the file into Photoshop.

Ascough emphasizes capturing the moment without any prompting or interference and using available light. My Leica Noctilux was my absolute favourite. What is YOUR black and white? He has covered over weddings with a documentary photography style. The great thing about Lightroom is that you can mix your black and white to taste in the grayscale mix section of the Develop module- I like my islver tones to be a bit creamier, so I lighten my red and yellow tones because the skin is made up of red and yellow while darkening my blues.


I use the center focus point and I manually focus quite a lot.

jeff ascough silver actions

Unfortunately, that camera is still the stuff of dreams. I really would like to see album companies that profess to deal with the professional market, actually deal with ascouh pro market and not just anyone with a camera and checkbook.

In my opinion, video is a distraction.

You Only Need One Software To Process Everything – Resource

Simply take that element and make it work for you. There are too many photographers selling a false dream to others, just to make money out of them and it sucks.

Someone wondered what I would like for the photography sector in the future. I also like a touch of a warm tone, and a more subtle contrast shift.

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The 24 and 50 are my main lenses. This allows me to keep shooting for 12 hours or more. I use managed files, so that everything goes to one library and this is backed up in vaults in two different locations. Some of us are making in roads, but the whole industry needs to wake up. Wedding Photography Insight with Jeff Ascough. Will your clients be standing around taking notes of which pictures you took? Jefr colors and lighting are simply part of the challenge.