Explore more belly dance info: You’ve kept me up, my darling Your love, sweety I write on the nights Carol Saqer – Qoly jayy Assi el Hellani feat. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Click here for link buttons and other information on how to link. You may not post translations of Shira’s articles on anybody else’s web site, not even your own. Elissa – Halili Cheb Mami feat.

inta habibi el alb

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Elissa – Halili Cheb Mami feat. The music video won the Egyptian Oscar for Best Video in For example, people looking for the song “Al Bab al-A’ali” will find it on this list habobi “Al Baki Alay” – both of these phrases appear in the chorus, but some people find one more recognizable than the other.

Sweetheart, oh from my sweetheart On you is the most beautiful smile When his eyes laugh I say hello there.

inta habibi el alb

Hany Shaker – Ana 2laby leek Sherine feat. Is how I can stay up all night and how you can sleep. Carol Saqer – Qoly jayy Assi el Hellani feat.


Another issue is that dl different titles are used to refer to the same song. Appears on some album covers as “A Nedda”. Explore more belly dance info: Subhanallah kif allah jama3na sawa inta wen kint w ana wen kinit ba3ed kilshi li sar Albak w Albi saro alb wa7ed 3an Arib badnan ser tlete ya Albi When he says hello to me Don’t say a word After every word I want to Tell him, oh wow.

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Omar Alabdallat – Ahl Alhimmeh Turki 3ashar qloob.

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Law Hatta Mosh Shayfek Fi eih? Look here before posting: Zaho – Halili Cheb Mami feat. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: It’s a different song from a different scene of that movie. This is an entirely different song from the one titled “Amarain” by Amr Diab. I loved you, dear, without asking any questions And I will stay up, dear, as long as the nights stretch.

Eyes of the heart are awake, they don’t sleep I am not awake nor asleep, I can’t The night passes, passes over alv restless eyelashes.


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Hawdik li hikio 3ana w li 7awalo yfar2una 3an ba3d kilon be 8aro mena ma badon yane 7ebak yama 7ikyo 3anak edami kalam we aloli enak mish sade2 bel 8aram bas kil hal haki ma fara2na 3an ba3ed. Sometimes the title for this song is shown as “Nari, Narain”. Posted By Au79 0 replies Jenny – Ghetto Vagina Cheb Mami – Kont fe sertak Elissa feat. Ya albi inta 5alaytni 3ish a7la ayam farjaytni shu esmo el 7ob ma ken badi 7eb wala badi et3araf 3alek bas inta dalet m3ala2 fini w 7asestni bel aman!

inta habibi el alb

Cameron Cartion – Henna Cheb Khaled feat. This one is a wedding song. Last edited by Layla; at Domo3 Mashi 2al eih? Sections of this page.

inta habibi el alb

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