This CD has been a bestseller for many years and is today still one of the most famous classics in meditation music! Download the audio file. Subscribe now to our newsletter. Corresponding with these colours, all green and pink precious stones are valued for their harmonising effect like emerald, jade and rose quartz. Man loves for the sake of love. Many Peace blessings on your path. Their vibrations influence all levels of being like the body, the spirit, the soul andeven very sensitive physical areas.

heart chakra meditation karunesh

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Heart Chakra Meditation

This special meditation of the Sufis is described in detail in meditatioh booklet. There are no inner blockades and man feels deeply united with himself and all other creations.

heart chakra meditation karunesh

When the music starts we first stretch our right arm and our right leg to the right EAST and by the next exhalation we do the same but on the left side WEST. Before commencing the meditation we must first quietly prepare ouselves and our environment.

heart chakra meditation karunesh

This browser does not support our audio format. Tibetan Sound Bowls About Me Siddhartha Each of us has a song to sing When the heart chakra is open, all energies can flow freely.


We are available Monday through Friday from 9: Practice mindfulness meditation besides let your brain be calm also improve your information. Feel the rhythm of the heartbeat, and breath in a relaxed fashion. This world fusion album captures the magic and wonders of India. By the time you reach the closing track, a state of deep relaxation and receptivity should have been found. The kaarunesh of giving and taking begins. Be the first to rate this product.

heart chakra meditation karunesh

Books on our products. Quantum Light Breath V Corresponding with these colours, all green and pink precious stones are valued for their harmonising effect like emerald, meidtation and rose quartz. Karunesh Call of the Mystic [CD]. This exercise is similar to the one described in phase 1, but instead of stretching forward, we now stretch sideward.

Really impressive post, thanks for sharing. Many Peace blessings on your jeart. Phase ‘Kreis’ Circle Musical instruments Gift Vouchers.

We also have to make sure that all technical necessities for listening to the music are in functioning order so that our rhythm will not be interrupted later. Karunesh Enlightenment [CD] Product no.: Monday, April 30, Heart Chakra Meditation. Karunesh Sun Within [CD].


Man loves for the sake of love. Karunesh The Way of the Heart [ After that, anything is possible. But if you think you have inner blockades, you will tend to feel rather weak even easily hurt, and you are apt to close up because of your fear of being rejected.

Heart Chakra Meditation – meditation music by Karunesh

The basic bearing for all parts of the exercises Stand in a relaxed position with eyes opened in a place where it is warm and comfortable. Chakras are karunezh energy centers of the body as perceived by the Indians and many other cultures.

Connected to the heart chakra are all varieties of green, similar to what nature offers, as vell as a very tender pink. Man feels sheltered and radiates warmth, satisfaction and heartiness.