The list also includes files which have been opened from disk. Starting dates and places There are no known starting dates for this product. You can then paste the information into an email or a text file to give to your DBA. Select Workspace to display the Workspace List window. Managers are organized by in logical groups based on their functionality. Avoid embedding fonts with poor readability.

documaker studio

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This detailed help can be an extension of or a replacement for a fields prompt. Forms can include one or more sections.

Oracle Sthdio Studio provides an integrated way to create and maintain documake resources used in your form sets such as sections and graphics. Enabling Skip Reading allows the assistive technology to by-pass the content within the PDF document. When a font has high readability, embedding fonts ensures xtudio all recipients will be able to display the PDF as intended. Libraries may also be referred to as Library Manager. To produce accessible documents in non-English languages, make sure to define the language being used in the PDF print type settings.

For detailed information on these managers, please see the Documaker Studio User Guide which is available on Oracle Technology Network. Change Multiple Sections can be used to make font changes to sections. Select clear, readable fonts in an appropriate size for readability. Avoid embedding fonts with poor readability. Trigger Manager is used to create scripts which automate certain tasks within the processing environment.


The Database name field does not display when the Database Type is selected as Other. Oracle Documaker Studio Etudio library log contains information about resources added to, deleted from, or updated in the library. Enter the name of your new workspace.

documaker studio

Use the column feature included in Oracle Documaker Studio. Graphics Manager is used to resize, reverse, rotate, and manipulate bitmap graphics that are used on Sections. Select Workspace to display the Workspace List window.

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Color should not be used documakfr the only way to convey meaning. Keep this option if you are using Enterprise Edition or plan to promote this library to an Enterprise Edition implementation.

documaker studio

This setting could also be used on items that only need to be read once such as page numbers, headers and footers which are repeated on each page of stjdio document. Help tables can be used to provide detailed help about a field to aid the data entry operator in entering the appropriate data. The data portion of the library contains the resources themselves.


Columns are documaler in text area where you can add more columns, rather than adding text labels or areas arranged in columnar format.

FAP and provides for consistency.

Project Manager provides a workflow to manage the various tasks associated with a project including resource creation, resource review and approval, unit and system testing and promotion. Just like you, we love to learn.

Documaker Studio – Overview

Select to enable tracing. User Manager is used to modify user settings, and add users. With the correct tags, a screen reader can understand where headings fall, what is a table, image, footnote etc. The content of an individual paragraph should be restricted to the same cell rather than splitting it to the next row as shown below. Forms Manager is used to build a list of sections which comprise the form.

Used to create and maintain a “master” mapping information for runtime data files. Customer Communications Management means leveraging a company’s transaction documents such as, Marketing Campaigns, Personalized Correspondence, and Billing to improve customer relationships.