I was going to try re-installing Collada, and if that doesn’t work I could uninstall it altogether. Hope it works for others. Newer Post Older Post Home. I have a same issue.. Unfortunately the Ofusion CG.


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Hope it works for others. So it wasn’t a stretch to guess the two were related.


However, I’d rather avoid that, and find a way to make oFusion Pro colladamas Collada play nice together. One thing I can think of.


Feel free to grab it if you like: It has nothing to do with your new installation, there is no way that installing a product will corrupt a different plugin file That error means that either, you have installed a different version of the collada plugin for a previous version or your hard drive might have some incorrect blocks or other similar problem Verify your disk and copy the collada plugin file from the original installation media.

Vista Business bit SP1 didn’t need those packages. I was using the Collada exporter right up the time I installed oFusion Pro, which was right around when Collada stopped working. It should fix the “failed to initialize” error some of you were getting, without the need to install anything else.


Also, Max crashes when it gives the error. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Tech Art Survival Guide. Soon after installing it, I opened Max 9, opened the material editor, and clicked the “get material” button the icon with the arrow and colladamqx sphere. I just backed up both cg,dlls. I’d make a backup incase you have to swap them around but the original max cg.


It’s from the 3. ShaderFX and max would just draw red wireframes because the shaders wouldn’t compile with the older ofusion cg,dll Maybe lioric changed how it works in the latest release.

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I no longer have x64 installed and lost my ability to test this. OpenCollada is not an option, as it’s missing support for multitextures. I was going to try re-installing Collada, and if that doesn’t work I could uninstall it altogether. Friday, August 22, ColladaMax for 3ds Max bit.

FCollada – COLLADA Public Wiki

This has not happened before I installed oFusion Pro, and I’ve had the ColladaMax plugin installed and working for some time now. I know collada supports its own shader format so its possible a 3dsmax collada exporter may use max’s shader compiler for something.


At this point Max gave colladamxa a message saying: Commercial premium exporter from Feeling software is also out of the question.

Error code – The specified module could not be found”. Label Me 3ds max com databases gdc maxscript outsourcing collaramax photoshop python regex sharepoint wxpython.

Actually it was shaderFX that lead me to inquiring and finding out about the cg. It’s not just Ofusion that does it, had problems with other plugins that access 3dsmax shaders. Collaramax overwrites the CG. Do you happen to know if CG. This happens every time, even in an empty scene.


DLL, and it sounds as if that was overwritten by the oFusion Pro installation. In his 21 years at Volition. Unfortunately the Ofusion CG.