April 23rd Reviewer: In Other Worlds Azam Ali. From Heaven to Dust. Introspection Late Night Partying. Beginning in the late ’90s as half of the duo Vas with percussionist Greg Ellis , one-third of the group Niyaz with Loga Ramin Torkian and Carmen Rizzo , and on her own, Azam Ali quietly established a reputation as one of the purest, most captivating voices in world music.

azam ali elysium for the brave

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azam ali elysium for the brave

Sexy Trippy All Moods. Check this disc out even if you’re remotely interested in world lai that is unafraid to infuse electronics and minimalism into its tapestry. But Elysium for the Brave elevates Ali to a whole other level. Having discovered her on Mercan Dede’s Breath album where she does her unique Persian-styled vocal melodies mostly going for wordless harmonies, I felt compelled to seek everything she participated in and was absolutely thrilled she experiments with the same style on songs like “I Am a Stranger in This World”, which she co-wrote with Loga Roman Torkian, her partner in Niyaz; and the mesmerizing “From Heaven to Dust”, an atmospheric elegy drenched in western beats and Indian percussion.

I Am a Stranger in This World.

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Streams Videos All Posts. Stream or buy on: Unlike her works with Vas and Niyaz, there are a few non-Eastern songs on this album, such as the album opener and this one, where you’ll get lost in the beauty of forlornly ringing guitar notes and dark mysticism.

Introspection Late Night Partying. From Heaven to Dust Azam Ali. In Other Worlds Azam Ali. Recording Date November, – February, Though there is a vague Persian sadness incorporated into the song, this is yet another attempt yhe branch out and explore new territories.


Hanging Out Imagination Long Walk. Elysium for the Brave is her second solo statement, which she has co-produced with Carmen Rizzo Niyaz alu sees her taking her already amazing style several steps further.

Azam Ali: Elysium for the Brave

Whereas Ali ‘s previous work often verged on new age, its breathy tje alluring but ultimately limiting, on Elysium Ali — who wrote the album’s lyrics and co-produced it with Rizzo — hurls herself into the void, allows creative vision to intervene and takes her vocal instrument to places it never before indicated it could go.

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azam ali elysium for the brave

Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Her velvet vocals convey sensuality and heartfelt emotion, and are carefully placed atop an ethereal guitar theme. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Known for her collaborations with a vast array of musicians, including members from Nine Inch Nails, the guitar virtuoso Buckethead, the Turkish world music composer Mercan Dede, and the Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart, she also fronts two amazing bands: Six Degrees Records Hits: Another Crimson member, Trey Gunn, also appears on the album, and even co-wrote the mood-intensive piece “The Tryst”, employing minimal guitar effects that underlie Ali’s vocal lament.

azam ali elysium for the brave

Drinking Hanging Out In Love. The production and sonic quality of the album are mindblowing.

It is amazing to hear Ali sing in Aoi — her older fans know how moving she can get when she sings in Persian and Indian, but to see that she is actually capable of applying her talents to more “straightforward” pieces is nothing short of astounding. This time around, she is supported by King Crimson’s Pat Mastelotto whose amazing percussion work on the opening song “Endless Reverie”, blended with Ali’s impossibly beautiful vocals, is like the perfect combination of tribal beats and electronics, something we’ve never heard from Ali before.


Elysium for the Brave Azam Ali was born in Iran, raised in India, and currently resides in the USA and she blends her polycultural influences beyond what the human mind can imagine. April 23rd Reviewer: She has now proved that she is so much more than just a singer with a great tthe her understanding of melody, bgave, and vocal arrangement leaves me speechless. Her artistic strength mostly lies in crafting unique Middle Eastern pieces highlighting her vocals and it is hard to capture the intensity without using the region’s language and elysiuj as on the Indian dirge “Abode”.

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Elysium for the Brave by Azam Ali on Spotify

From Heaven to Dust. Beginning in the late ’90s as half of the duo Vas with percussionist Greg Ellisone-third of the group Niyaz with Loga Ramin Torkian and Carmen Rizzoand on her own, Azam Ali quietly established a reputation as one of the purest, most captivating voices in world music. If you have questions or comments, please Contact Us.