These entities are observing us. In addition, multiple cameras are picking up the same Orb images at the same time, which strains credulity even more. As you know we may not see Devathawan unless we have Dibba Chakku i. D For me, I don’t believe in ‘miracles’ in Buddhism. We are all learning something, no matter where we are or what we look like! A flare occurs when a camera is pointed toward a bright light source.

apata nopenena lokaya

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Naveena vidayawen oppu karanna bari dewal nam thiyenwa thamai.

Apata Nopenena Lokaya Ha Venat Da

NASA ekata apply karapankooo nikan inna eke But I am positive that what I am going to say is in harmoney with Damma. It’s now at standstill, without a conclusion. Take pictures, observe that they are there and your level of acceptance will become greater.

Meka ara kiwwa wage weather eke awulak nisa wennath puluwan. Also notice that the photograph looks washed out. Dazzling glare effect in the Carl Zeiss lens of the camera for sure: You may have seen many Sri Lankans not trying to check Damma because they have presumptions that Damma is against various Dhittis they cling on to. Dawasak kaluthara bodiyen pirith kiyanakota buduras wihidenawa kiyala kiwwa.


apata nopenena lokaya

Like the naturally explained Orbs, the unexplained Orbs are a real too – a genuine light phenomenon that is being observed and photographed around the world. Each appeared to be made like a wheel intersecting a wheel.

Eka ekkenata eka eka widiyata oka gena hitenawa, eth apita hariyatama kiayanna behe. They are entities from apzta galaxies or parallel time lines, observational orbs, other beings or vortexes. Unfortunately it is entangling in these topics that prevents many of us from coming to Shraddha.

apata nopenena lokaya

There is another thing I wanted to raise. That is what we all are when we are pure consciousness.

Apata Nopenena Lokaya Ha Wenath Da | By Mahinda Wijethilaka

Dee kirata balalluth sakki lu! Orbs of light have been observed high in the atmosphere, from jet airplane windows, and even in space from the NASA Space Shuttle.

Ironically, this is the same time another amazing supernatural phenomenon first began occurring with frequency on the earth. Some Orbs even appear to hover over certain Christians, while other Orbs in the photos continue to move throughout the room.

They should be showing up in all photos, not just those that show great distance.

The next photo taken about 5 seconds later shows the Orb moved down slightly over Max’s face. Flash eka reflect wenewada koheda Jala washpa walin. Click here t http: But i believe that there are things that we can’t sense.


However, they can also be very obvious in photographs, to the point where they become a solid white, bright light. Ape party ekaka photos thiyanawa eketh mee wage! Nalin Silva’s talk http: Explanations fall short, as to how some Orbs are able to defy the known laws of physics and appear to have a life of their own. Mama edama mage Digi Cam eken photos gaththa oka check karanna. Why can’t we see them without a camera? Meeka machang meeka digital camera walata wena scene ekak mata hariyatama mathaka nea Photography karana kenek gen ahanna!

Apata Nopenena Lokaya [Archive] – ElaKiri Community

Other naturally explained photographic Orb images are the result of dust, pollen, snow, ice crystals, rain or other nopeneena, which are illuminated at close range, by a camera flash. Possibly it is someone you knew or someone you are going to know.

The topic of our discussion was on what Budshurajanan wahanse clasified as “Loka Vishaya” – an ‘unthinkable’ acinteyya.