I will be releasing shortly several different colours of icons and will add a battery add-on eventually to go with this theme. This theme also include iAcces keyboard, a very unique folder enhancer background, Phone app, Camera app, Media player, Weather app and more. Siri Orb – a big, blue, shiny orb theme. If you want that, refer to my theme entitled “Black Light” on Cydia. All status bar icons themed. Swipe right to call, Swipe left to Message or iMessage and long hold to send a Mail!

1ntox theme

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1ntox by: Junesiphone/bAdGB

More Updated will be out soon. So what are you waiting for!

I got impatient missing my podcasts The theme provides these tin These can be either your apps, or competitors, or any others you care about. Preparing to replace unzip 5. Strangely, I did not get an email notification of your recent post, so I missed it yesterday.

1ntox Textplus Theme

Requires few tweaks from Cydia. Done The following packages have been kept back: Everything will be Orange.

1ntox theme

You will find the full Setup folder with readme’s and psd’s included!! I include a weather widget which gives you all principal informations temperature, wind direction and speed. This requires the iWidget Tweak from Cydia. I may make a keyboard and lockscreen.


All icons are custom made from scratch! This bAdass mofo has limited animation on the Lockscreen and the SpringBoard!! Synergy machines fly amazing and are so simple to work on. Use BytaFont for this! Note that this is the iPad version and is not exactly the same as the iPhone version but almost So what is themed? You will see many of the most popular Cydia icons themed along with over 5 extra wallpapers, complete UI, auto icons, Weather themed, Media player themed, Status bar themed, SMS themed, World clock themed.

To hide the clock on the lockscreen download lockscreen clock hide from cydia. There is absolutely no icons or UI images in these packages beyond essential lockscreen ones. So i just jailbroke my iphone 4 6. A full set of instructions can be found in the main theme folder.

1ntox theme

To have black icon labels, download imagemagick and terminal from cydia, let the icons cache, 1nfox in terminal type in wvbl without the quotes. All the features are ported in this iNav version.


Includes lockscreen, dialer, weather bkgd, icons, slider, gold badges, blue pop ups etc.! Weather Screen and Icons all originally made.

1ntox theme

This theme includes, icons lockscreen, homescreen, and specialized sliders. Compatible iPad1 and iPad2 description of the free version: I drove all the way from Pleasant Hill and i will drive again soon Color Keyboard, and SBSettings theme will follow release.

Anything and Everything Jailbreak Tweaks, Mods, and Themes!: Revi-krs (Theme)

With custom icons sweet lockscreen and wallpaper and the Billabong logo sliders its a wicked theme for any device you sport. Preparing to replace syslogd 1. Along with these two pieces of software now available in Google Play, 1ntlx launched a companion website to explain the project. I’ll JB again, when the next untethered JB is available maybe soonerbut it is now nice to have access to these new apps: