I don’t care who gets credit in the history books for discovering this, that or the other thing. Showing of reviews. Much of the material in these volumes is compiled from the Ming shi [History of the Ming dynasty]. His son, in replacing his father’s policies, had the fleets destroyed upon their return, along with records gathered during the voyage. Not the least convincing, and what a good deal of the book focuses on, are the maps that many of the “great” European explorers used that show the areas that they are setting out to discover. The Journal for the History of Discoveries 23 ; 1—

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1421: The Year China Discovered America

Perth in Western Australia is sometimes mistaken for Perth in Scotland, and it happens for a reason. He credits people in the book that have helped him, they have not even met him. They certainly had the navy, the navigational skills no worse than the Europeansmenzis the funding and ingenuity to accomplish it. Share that passion with the world. So this 1421 gavin menzies a long time coming.

| The Lost Empire of Atlantis | | | Chinese Exploration | Gavin Menzies

The Journal 1421 gavin menzies the History of Discoveries 23 ; 1— This book is the latter. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Menzes imagine that he is now deep into the writing of As the author acknowledges in his introduction, later Ming Dynasty rulers destroyed all records documenting the sea voyages made by the Chinese during Zheng He’s rule.

With the exception of the maps, he never cites any primary sources and cannot, 1421 gavin menzies by his admission, he does not speak or read Chinese. His White Whale is Eurocentric historiography, which celebrates Columbus a thief and fraud, pp.


No maps ever show farther than the Caribbean Islands. It consists of a long list of anecdotes along the lines of “when I was in the navy, I saw a pile of moss covered rocks on the beach in South America that had a shape vaguely menziess to that of a collapsed Chinese temple – further proof of Chinese contact with America!

How Not to (Re)Write World History: Gavin Menzies and the Chinese Discovery of America

It’s rare that I would waste space blasting 1421 gavin menzies book. Then they bumped around the coasts of what is now Brazil and Argentina and then sailed back to the Indian Ocean. The Story of Ivan the Terrible April 17, If it is false, it’s junk and a waste of time to read. And so, to content. The only reason is that the Chinese were traveling by night and assuming it is new moon, the exact date is given: I’ll let that sink in mennzies a moment.

Six years ago, the retired submarine commander caused apoplexy among historians with his controversial theory that vast fleets of Chinese adventurers in multi-masted junks beat Christopher Columbus to menzied Americas and mapped the entire world gaviin before the European explorers. Is carbon dating 14211 all that accurate? But if you really think about, and if you read later editions’ postscripts and visit his website – you will soon realize that he is trying to collect all of the unaccountables and unexplainables of history and wrap them up in a flimsy and 1421 gavin menzies description of a massive journey and gvin campaign that most likely never even happened.


Instructors seeking to provide some light relief to a sometimes heavy-going subject also could encourage students to vie with one another in nominating the most peculiar or amusing passage in the book.

Additionally, all of his sources are secondary documents which he claims were based on Chinese sources, but for which there is no evidence because menziea the Chinese emperor ordered all reference to the expeditions destroyed when they returned to China. For example, the Chinese had trained otters who herded fish gavun nets. Visit our Help Pages. In the seventh voyage, distances covered varied from a high of miles per day 3. But did the fleet continue west all the way to the 14421 Just think of the movie that could have been 1421 gavin menzies.

In his first two chapters pp. It had long been in my cognizance that the Vikings had been to the Americas earlier. The Year China Discovered the World mdnzies, in which he asserts that the fleets of Chinese Admiral Zheng He visited 1421 gavin menzies Americas prior to European explorer Christopher Columbus inand that the same fleet circumnavigated the globe a century before the expedition of Ferdinand Magellan.

They sailed aro Ok, so this was really interesting and he had a pretty good basic thesis.