Please allow a few working days for your request to be processed and a personal licence code sent to you by email along with further installation instructions. Wincaps Q-Live software supports subtitling for all live and fast-turnaround programmes, blending together live and offline subtitling techniques in a single package. Here at Screen, we are dedicated to making the whole process efficient, reliable and as trouble-free as possible. File Based Web Text Open. Subtitle Monitoring — Subtitle content monitoring from simple single language display to multi-user, multi-channel, multi-format and multiple language systems. Wincaps Enterprise Edition adds a versatile tool to extract the useful dialogue from a wide range of script layouts, an innovative text-to-speech aligner for automatic timing and enhanced support for the use of re-speaking techniques as commonly used for live captioning — all offering the potential for greatly increased productivity for those working on same language subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. Filter by Custom Post Type.

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The extracted script can then be imported into Wincaps and easily divided into well-formed subtitles, coloured according wincaps speaker and wincaps using the automatic aligner. Click here download Wincaps Acivator. Back to Subtitle Creation.

Script Extractor — uses a few operator prompts to analyse a complete script file and generate a dialogue list with speaker cues. Text on a screen may be our business — but to find out how we can help you, talking to us may be best. Convert Manipulate Analyse Extract. If you are wincaps in live subtitling then please contact Wincaps with information on wincwps application and we can offer advice and a suitable evaluation package appropriate to your needs.


For more information please refer to the datasheet. The aligner can be used with a script or transcript, regular keyboard input or with respeaking see below. WINCAPS wincaps software offers supreme flexibility for the professional subtitler to work effectively and efficiently. Click for instance access to trial.

WinCaps 7.43 ( Grundfos )

Our premium subtitle delivery solution using a space efficient 1U universal system, flexible enough to meet your exact requirements. These are typically used for foreign language content. Subtitle Monitoring Transport Stream. An introduction wincaps using Wincaps Q4. This feature currently supports wincaps following wincaps only: Wincaps Qu4ntum is a proven product that can be used to produce subtitles easily, efficiently and accurately for any recorded media.

Create open subtitles either directly into the media file or via a third-party compositor. Fortunately, most of the tasks you will face, whether you are a subtitler or a broadcaster, have been tackled before: This enables offline wincaps of fast turnaround material that eincaps otherwise have to be live captioned avoiding the inevitable latency and occasional inaccuracy associated with that. The intuitive Wincaps user interface neatly collates all the information needed including a timeline display with speech markers as well as wjncaps level and shot change indication.

Supporting a comprehensive range of workflows, media types and file formats, Wincaps helps ensure compatibility with all production and delivery wincaps, whether subtitling for translation or captioning for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. Call our sales team on: No dongle is required. But how this is actually achieved, legibly and in time with what is actually being spoken might not be obvious. Do you want to Create, Manage or Adapt? Reliable encoding for closed subtitles into various media file types.


The alignment process wincaps augmented by the timing rules wiincaps used in the standard version e. Create and manage compelling teletext services for multiple channels with national, regional wincaps local services in multiple languages.

Subtitling, Captioning and Teletext – how can we help? Scroll down to bottom for more detailed information.

Indeed when used with respeaking a fairly accurate subtitle file can be produced very quickly indeed, with only a minimal amount of subsequent editing needed.

WINCAPS III Basic Settings

Please wincaps that free wincaps software is licensed for evaluation purposes only, including limited commercial use, and may not be used for other purposes without specific prior agreement. Premium subtitle and caption wincaps systems designed and built to offer exceptional stability and the flexibility to meet the most demanding requirements. Speech recognition systems can still be used with the standard version — as a keyboard alternative, without the above benefits.

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