Summary to help remember for the next and hopefully final book. Meanwhile, Connor’s twin sister Grace enjoys a bittersweet reunion with their mother, Sally, who has some important and shocking news for her daughter. Let’s talk character development As s It’s been a good few years since I read any of these and this foray back into the series didn’t get me as excited as I’d have liked. This is easier said than done.

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Sidorio, fuelled by grief and revenge, is intent on becoming King of the Vampirates and building a new empire to bring terror to the oceans. Meanwhile, the pirates are being destroyed by the Vampirates and the “old” Vampirates, Lorcan Furey Although this novel brought some very necessary pieces vampigates into the story, it took far too long for the story to move.

Open Preview See a Problem? She forgets about herself because vampirates empire of night her hunger and basically forgets Lorcan and goes after Johnny. I am actually glad I did purchase it, besides that I read most of it in the airport and on the niyht but, it was never released on audio. Grace leaves the Nocturne the Vampirate’s ship to go stay with her newly discovered father – the evil Sidorio and his new but equally evil wife, Lola. This one does seem to be darker than the previous books with more deaths and difficult life choices to make.

Vampirates: Empire of Night – Wikipedia

As both of them are given the task of spying on Sidorio Connor for the Pirate Federation and Ngiht for vampirates empire of night Nocturnals they are forced to spend more time with him than either empiree them would have chosen to do.


May 06, Zuzka rated it it was amazing. I loved this book, but it is getting a little off the wall. Jun 28, Ashley Brooke rated it really liked it. And also how both the pirates, and vampirates are preparing for the war. LLL is deliciously wicked and plays Sid like a violin.

Overall, definitly a must read. I hate it when finally something good happens and then the author switches to another story line.

Empire of Night – VAMPIRATES by Justin Somper

What happened to that slow-build with Lorcan? I found myself skimming a lot because so much of it was uninteresting.

There’s a bloody battle brewing in the seas, and each crew will need all hands on vampirates empire of night. From the true identity of Obsidian Darke to Vampirates empire of night secret romance, and the tragic ending to a young life.

Much of this book involves the twins getting to know their parentage a little better. Synopsis There’s a new ship of vampirates roaming the seas, leaving a trail of fear and devastation in its wake, led by Sidorio.

Some parts are so ridiculous I roll my eyes, and other parts are pure awesomeness. Despite my irritation – and my fear that this is going to be drawn out past the point of care – I still found it a page-turner As for the pirates, they have a new mission: This was highly criticized by readers who had invested their time and money on the first two volumes.


Connor and Grace spend so much time lying to people that it makes them really unpleasant to read about, and I honestly had no idea whether I still wanted to root for them or not.

Aboard the Nocturne, Lorcan is in charge of getting the pacifist vampires ready for imminent battle. To join him and his wife for a bit they both go to spy.

Vampirates: Empire of Night

Connor finds it a little more difficult to be comfortable among the Vampirates, but soon enjoys being with Johnny and his old pirate friend Jez Stukeley. Views Read Edit View history.

I felt really bad for Grace and Connor throughout the whole book. Or, maybe they were just putting on a show and was really doing their missions for the nocturnals and pirate federation. I started bouncing up and down when Nighht read this, because then I knew that many things vampirates empire of night be resolved with just if standing there. It just confuses me and I try and ignore it. Mar 31, Wolf Alpha rated it it was amazing Shelves: He wrote six books in the Vampirates series.