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TV Shows Online

TV Shows Online

Tired of Regular or Cable TV  Networks? Watch Television Online Through Computers

Nowadays, if television viewers are to be given a choice between cable TV and streaming TV, the latter gets the most number of votes. After all, online and web-based TV technology allows them to view a wide range of ad-free streaming content, coming from all over the world. Streaming content may be anything from live or archived TV shows, movies, news, events, video gaming, sportscasts and all sorts of original programming that usually elicits an explosion of worldwide human interests. These can be accessed by way of high-speed Internet connection through different websites that offer streaming content; as a subscription-based service, pay per view or pay-on-demand viewing, as a portal for user-generated content, or as an ad-supported site that offers free viewing.

It’s a form of TV broadcasting that has less restrictions or censorship. This makes the streamed material even more interesting than those normally seen by viewers in regular television networks. One can have uninterrupted viewing pleasure from anywhere and at any time, as this can be accessed via computers or mobile devices, as long as the Internet bandwidth meets the requirement of the streaming site. Other devices such as gaming consoles, stream-ready disc players or home theater systems, have the capability to connect directly to a service provider’s proprietary technology. The direct connection allows subscribers to view the desired TV shows or movies on demand, instead of relying on what is currently being streamed by a web based service provider.

Online television is fast becoming more popular, because avid TV show followers can watch programs being shown by cable TV networks in their computer and in real time. In fact, if a person misses the telecast of an episode, he or she doesn’t have to wait for the scheduled replay. One can either view it on demand from a paid streaming account, or simply look for the streaming website that has already uploaded the episode.

Although free television streaming is a form of perk for high-speed Internet subscribers, it also has  some downsides. A viewer has to watch the streaming content up close, because the viewing screen is not as large as that of a regular television set. The quality of the images are not as sharp and clear as those being shown by way of high-definition television display units. Viewing experience is not as free-flowing as those being transmitted via paid subscription services, since the streaming simply relies and works around the limitations of Internet connection.

Still, there are advantages presented, because television streaming is not just about having instant viewing access. It also provides a medium for worldwide exposure. Producers of original content consider this as a better vehicle for showcasing their creative ideas, concepts and/or compositions. This is mainly because the file containing the TV program transmitted, can only be viewed and heard but not down loaded; thus, preventing piracy. Advertisers regard streaming sponsorship as a cheaper medium for publicizing their products and/or services.

Television viewing has greatly helped in developing cognitive recognition among children. However, most parents prefer to subscribe to streaming services as a means of controlling the program materials, to which their children are exposed. That way, parents can limit their children’s need to explore the World Wide Web, as well as avoid exposing them to adult-themed TV advertisements.

TV Streaming Online – Providing Better Choices, Greater Convenience and Program Control

People pay for cable TV because they can watch both regular and special shows with relatively fewer interruptions, which is quite impossible in ad-supported TV programs. Although the latter is provided to the TV viewing audience for free, watching a 30-minute show can extend for an hour due to the insertion of TV ad spots. In contrast, a fee-based cable TV  has extra channels, select programming, and made-for-cable movies. Commercial interruptions, if any, are only for a brief spell and usually before and after each program.

Although cable TV has improved the quality of broadcast transmission, subscribers can’t help but feel that they are not getting enough for what they are paying for. Non-premium subscribers tend to see replays more often, while the proportion of quality programs is lower in comparison to the quantity of low-budget and sub-standard movies. Since viewers have to pay for these as part of their subscription, this made cable TV subscribers hope for a better alternative, particularly in terms of viewing value.

Such hopes became a reality with the advent of Internet TV. Viewers can watch a wide range of regular or cable TV programs and movies; live events featuring sports games, concerts/musicals, political updates, or some form of knowledge-transfer. These are available not only locally but worldwide as well. A person can view a program even if he or she is away from a TV set during the scheduled showing. Avid viewers can be anywhere, for as long as they have their PCs or laptops and a high speed Internet connection. Even smart phone users can enjoy the same benefits by obtaining apps for TV streaming plus Wi-Fi.

High-definition and the showing of quality films can be obtained from streaming media services for a fee, while other online viewers are happy that they pay only for programs that they actually watch on demand or per view. As for their favorite cable TV shows, they can watch this online without paying for subscriptions because some enterprising websites are streaming it for free. Online viewers can even save on paying for costly stadium tickets, since the subscription fee for streaming the games online for an entire season, is cheaper by far. In view of these, some were quick to cut their cable TV subscriptions; but not without consequences.

Just recently, NBC streamed their live and full coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics, which initially made a lot of ex-cable TV subscribers happy. However, their elation was cut short when they found out that NBC’s TV streaming was available only to viewers with active cable or satellite TV subscriptions. Still, since it’s an Internet thing, streaming live from other sources is still possible. The British Broadcasting Co. (BBC) was actually airing the Olympic games live in UK, which numerous British citizens streamed online for the world to see for free.  Read more about this topic at http://culling.co/news. Another interesting service that is being offered on television in the UK, AUS and Canada are online gambling sites and sports betting online.

Advertisers are well aware of the global effects of the Internet and how this has changed the way consumers are being treated. Generally, a great majority of these consumers are willing to pay for services, for as long as they are getting their money’s worth. Paying for streaming media services is not a bad option, since there are benefits derived from paid online TV streaming technologies that are not available for free. These can all be summed up into three C’s , which every paying consumer takes into consideration: Choices, Convenience and Control.