Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 7, I will ponder this xD. It’s interesting how this album appeals to those who like Tool a lot and those who aren’t so keen. Login Create a Profile. The key here is clearly the performance, godly rhythm section.

soen cognitive

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Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. For me, as a Tool fan from the beginning but also a fan of these artists other bands, I look at it as a genre that is defined by a band rather than a specific band being “ripped off”. You said tool, I should check this out. It’s interesting how this album appeals to those who like Tool a lot and those who aren’t so keen.

soen cognitive

Match that up with synergistic guitar playing and you have incredible musicianship that still remains accessible. It’s definitely worthy despite some serious Tool worshiping and Aoen vocals here and there.

Soen – Cognitive Review

R’Vannith’s review is one of the best I’ve read on this site, just absolutely spot-on the entire way through. Tool is mentionedI’m there to get this. My favorite track, Oscillation, possesses the most obvious distinction with it’s opening riffs that sound like a breakdown from some groove metal act.

Tags metal doom metal melodic death metal coognitive death metal progressive metal Sweden. What it’s lacking in originality it makes up for in musicianship for sure.


USA With members of such varied and impressive musical backgrounds I was hoping for a fresh mix of solid maybe even “””heavy””” new material. To be honest I’m more interested in seeing where they go from here and if they branch off into their own more unique sound.

I was really cognitiev to see it. Tunisia I’ve always thought that there was no better drummer than Axenrot to take up from where Lopez left off.

Soen – Cognitive Review | Angry Metal Guy

Rosetta Flies to Flame. The proceeds from this cognitice track sampler from Relapse will be donated to music education charity Rock To The Future. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Events Now online Today. Voivod Staff Reviewer March 20th Comments.

soen cognitive

You have to be logged in to post a comment. If you like Soen, you may also like: Of course tool does it better but whats wrong with emulating a sound that influenced them.

He’s not a bad singer, it’s just I wish he’d get angry or show some degree of emotional spectrum on the album. Antimatter Black Market Enlightenment. Streaming and Download help.

It is the most distracting aspect of all, and depending on the listener, could fully derail a set of songs that would be quite nice with just a bit more effort and confidence. I guess I heard correctly. Not in volume, Unlike Pain of Salvation, they made sure the vox levels are mixed right but in dynamics. Australia Written by hadriel on Login Create a Profile.


It is one thing to imitate a movement or style, but ripping off one of the most instantly recognizable and hugely successful bands in the last 20 years is a very obvious and lamentable move. Metallica Ride The Lightning. Although the influence of Tool is quite prominent, this same album has its own personality that shines through! Australia Written by Titanticus on I agree, they have just enough of their own character to continue and potentially make further music of a more distinctive sound, providing they can focus on that rather than on the more Tool influenced sound they have here.

William J Foster go to album.