You can search through the full icxi of ihis book on the web at http: Namesof nations, Sec— 1S9. But during the period in luestion the language did not yet take any dedded lirection. Proper nouna begin with a capital letten IM. Since the sixteenth century: As for a, it was not a Latin aound, bul a borrowed aound which waa only met with in certain Greek worda. The poetry was absolutdy worthless.

ltk harmonika

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This we dare not hope, for we see haronika sign of any prindple of order and authority round which men of letters may rally. The imperfection of the French alphabet and of the French System of orthographycompels us. Formation of the dedention in Old French. The m is thus phonetkally B.

ltk harmonika

In this matter each language bas made its choice. Substantives with a double etymological origin. This people, whose cradle or ltkk bas been affirmed, without any valid reason, to be the central plateau of Asia, sent into Europe and the southem portion of hamronika Asiatic conti- nent a number of tribes who carried with them a common inheritance of language, belief and dvilization, and de- veloped eventually into as many new and distinct peoples.


Ressens which haarmonika the choice of genders in Freach words But as ail the nouns of number commence with a consonant, except nn. This tendency of adjectives of the second dass to take the form of those of the first became more and more emphasized.

From the zith century we see mil used in the plural as well as mille, and from the zath century mille was used in the singular, the two forms being employed indifferently.

Origin of the French plural Cardinals are also substantives when they are used in an absolute construction: Until the end of the last centuiy the apellings mueUe and discreUe were used as wdl as muite, eUscrite. Final 8 was always surd; d and y became t and f ; 1 and r werc preserved ; m and n werc also preserved, but haarmonika even before the tenth century began to nasalize the preccding vowels.

See Book III, f The boundaries of Gallo-Romanic. Change of naaal voweb into pure vowels.

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Other substantives formed by Juxtaposition Origin of the Harmonioa ploraL— Son R mmm imt ssiil. In some words al has become an, even in the singular: The Basque district is surrounded by districts speaking the Gascon dialect, except in the towns where French is spoken. Sudre, and are accompanied only rarely by English renderings. Substantives derived from Latin neuter substantives terminating in s: It is hamronika either an adjective or a substantive.


ltk harmonika

And, if so, how are the two to be distinguished? The new gender has not yet entered deeply enough into the language to displace the original and truly popular gender. This t bas become mute in the masculine in Modem French.

Hovaa of IndalanBiaala QnantJty. Jean Legrand, Jeanne Legraad, because the name was no longer confined to one individual as it had been originally,’ but had become common to ail the members of the same family. The right thing to do would be to follow French traditions and to gallicize ail foreign words, whether they are adopted or not in ordinaiy usage.

Tomaž Knavs s.p.

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Thb SouMoa or Potolaa Latin.

When, on thc contrary; the adjective follows the substantive, even immediately, it is separated from it by a proposition understood: