Ease of use It looks complicated at the beginning but easy when you know it better. Create your travel booking portal with robust framework using the JomHoliday Professional and Business plans. It fulfilled my requirements and kept development time to a minimum. Frontend contains many bugs, which had to be solved by our developer or find work-arounds for. Value for money This is absolutely not worth the money. Increase user experience of your business directory website with the most versatile extension that smoothly integrates

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Functionality The functionality is very extensive and offers lots of configuration options. Functionality We specially loved how jomholiday lets us handle membership and listings. Functionality Excellent, really jomholiday. Support We needed some help with custom fields that clients wanted and the support team stayed online and made sure that the issue was closed asap.

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You no longer have to struggle with times when promotional discounts jomholiday to be added for a particular time period. Find out more Last Minute Offers.

Functionality The added functionalities such as creating cascading categories jomholiday an add-on along joholiday the sophisticated layout and colours it offers. Value for money Price is OK. Segregate jomholiday and jomholdiay that access your booking portal based on privileges for each membership. Beautiful Places Nearby points of interest offered will definitely enrich your family holiday and can create wonderful memories.


Take a Look at Our. Find a Tour by.

Jomholiday use it with other jomholiday of this developer and really happy with jomholiday features. The support team is answering very quickly.

Functionality Provided the features I needed. Documentation It follows the logical order used in the interface jomholida explains the functions in a clear language. Value for money Definitely! Posted jomnoliday 06 March Compared to what others have to offer and the support that you get, this is money well spent.


Ease of use It looks complicated at the beginning but easy when you know it better. This needs to be SEO friendly for search engines to jomholiday able to tap into it and put it out there when a customer searches for similar type of a listing. Ajax support means compatibility and flexibility. The mapping functionality in particular was very useful. Buy Extension Buy Template. You can reach us at http: But, we did use the documentation for populating data and it was jomholiday to read.


Support Team We provide guide services to you jomholiday provide ancillary services when you run into any problems before or after the holiday. Promote your leisure business with this Kayla 2. Relax n Enjoy Mother Nature. JomHoliday is full of bugs Ben Therby 1. Value for money It is well jomholiday the money.

A pleased customer timothy 2. If you are looking for jomhoiday way to build an auction or reverse auction site, JomOffers will help you to achieve that in a fast and easy way. All plans come with unlimited access to support and forums, which means jomholiday is around all the time! Full Description Building your own jomholiday directory site is now easy and quick! I needed to deploy a site for a boutique travel agent.