Is “Rock El Casbah”, with its images of sheiks gusting through the desert in Cadillacs and cracking down on ‘degenerate’ disco dancers, an indictment of the oil-choked, religiously fanatical Arab world, or a wry comment on the West’s cartoonish vision of the region? Douce France which had originally been recorded by Charles Trenet in the s, kept the lyrics, but sang it with “furious irony” which irritated many French listeners, particularly coming from a “scruffy, bohemian-looking Arabic singer”, to the point where Taha’s version was banned from French radio. Rachid Taha did not disappoint. Retrieved 8 November And New Orleans is like Algiers. The Clash were militant and hedonistic in equal measure Retrieved 11 April

garab rachid taha

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Some fans tried to get an Algerian flag waving and abandoned it to dance.

A Moroccan girl is entranced by the music of Franco-Algerian singer Rachid Taha during his performance at the Essaouira world music festival over the weekend in Morocco. I think that’s what gave French musicians the confidence to do the same with whatever music they were into. You could be a rebel and raxhid in the biggest rock’n’ roll band in the world!

Rachid Taha

The New York Times. But Fela’s sons Femi and Seun will certainly gafab present Archived from the original on 29 June Taha played in Morocco in Retrieved 12 September Then, a few months later, I heard Rock the Casbah.


garab rachid taha

Some are releases from big name artists: Views Read Edit View history. Rachid Garan, the cowboy-hatted Algerian-French rocker whose recorded oeuvre includes a version of the Clash’s Rock the Casbah Taha died from a heart attack in his sleep on 12 Septembersix days before his 60th birthday.

These were difficult years since record stores often refused to stock their records “because they didn’t want Arabs coming into their shops”.

The title track is “street slang” meaning, roughly, Who the Hell Are You?

Rachid Taha – Wikipedia

Taha gadab his hat on the mic stand. Reuben shared his enthusiasm when he joined Mary to talk about Taha, who’s come to Toronto to play a concert today June 12 at 4 p.

It’s really different and really cool Blood and Chocolate Film Official Website. Reuben Maan is a huge fan of the Algerian musician Rachid Taha.

Garab – Rachid Taha | Song Info | AllMusic

But given there is always a subtext to Taha’s music, the girls in the casbah danced to the blocked trumpet. And that was exciting to me. Some critics attribute Taha’s unique sound to his use of the mandolutea mixture of the traditional oud with European fretted instruments.


You have to be adventurous. InTaha was the lead vocalist for the Arab-language rock group which they named Carte de Sejourmeaning Green Card or Residence Permit depending on the translation.

It was also featured in the film The Hunting Party.

More by Rachid Taha

Rachid Taha, tana singer of dual French and Algerian citizenship Taha leaned into his cheerfully louche street persona. Yet modern French-language music manages to be aesthetically competitive with anglo-American and global infusions. Singer, songwriter [1] [6].

Taah was not fond of contemporary French cinema and said “I’d much rather watch some dumb Hollywood movie than another haute bourgeois auteurist piece of crap. Retrieved 20 May The percussion undulated in, the trumpet and keys re-creating a North African swirl.

garab rachid taha

Mehdi Haddab is a virtuoso of the ancient classical Arabic lute, the oud Jeanne Added Official video clip “.