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ABC Television Programs

Television Programs

ABC Television Programs that appear on ABC 

Okay Desperate Housewife Fans it is time to get ready for the new all-star line up for 2012 on ABC. With so many family friendly shows featured, ABC once again has a stellar line up for the New Year that is sure to provide the comforts of the programming one has become to love. With great show such as Desperate Housewives and reality love TV and their featured news shows what’s hot now will easily be found on ABC.

Family fun begins with Dancing with the Stars and keeps everyone on their toes when trying to guess who will be the next to be booted from the show. Keeping one enthralled you can follow the stars and their dancing ventures closely and entertain the dancer in all of us. As every season unfolds, it is easy to be caught up in the drama of the celebrities as they attack their inhibitions and challenges that we can all easily compare with in ourselves. With a little comedy and drama the sure hit is airing its season 13 highlights and shows on ABC dot com and with interactive support you can pick the stars for season 14’s line up and be a part of the next  generation of dancing stars.

If reality television has you, a little love struck then you surely will not want to the miss The Bachelor and The Bachelorette on ABC. As one tries to find love it is easy to be enthralled with the troubles and issues one could have with so many choices. For most we are lucky to find one perfect match let alone be able to choose from several and try them all out at the same time! Watch as the singles mix and match and the meltdowns unfold as the men and women are trying to make the perfect love connection and be the last man or woman standing to enter into the relationship of their life.

TV Listings ABC

What’s hot now on ABC can only be explained by The Chew, a new innovative show that goes beyond the normal hum drum food shows that will not only give you great recipes and a few fashionable views but is all interactive on line with ABC. Other great day time shows will get your day going as well with the ever entertaining General Hospital, The View and  Good Morning America. New to the 2012 daily line up on ABC is The Revolution. A show that is all about you and interacts with its viewers to help revolutionize their lives in several categories, such as weight loss, health and emotional well-being. With a cast of several experts, it will definitely become a daytime viewing favorite.

Moving into the evening programming, several shows are creating a stellar programming schedule for 2012. One of the newest shows to the line up is Once Upon a Time and will bring fairy tales to life in this dramatic and action packed series. From the mysteries of legends and myths past the crew of this new show will be able to easily keep you glued to your seats every Sunday as you watch the mystical magic of legend unfold in your living room. Do fairy tales really exist? You will be asking yourself that question after viewing the legendary fairytale stories unfold in the modern world on Once Upon a Time and the characters themselves feel caught between reality and fiction and can only guess as to which is really real.

If love and fairytales is not to your tastes then you will sure find a true favorite with Revenge. A show based on mystery and vengeance will have one returning every week to capture the series events as they unfold. Following Emily Thorne through her new Hampton home will be riveting as it is revealed she did live there before. Therefore, what is a wealthy girl all on her own doing in this fashionably rich town, but to give back what the town had taken from her years ago?

 ABC Family TV Listings

Several evening shows and programming events will have you tuning in to ABC regularly to catch all the favorites. Family fun would never be the same with out Americas Funniest Videos and other favorites. Funny videos of pets, friends and family members and those being caught in the act has been a long time favorite. As embarrassing as some of those clips could be there is a reward for your modesty. With America at the lens capturing every moment and funny act there will never it seems to be a shortage of great clips catching America in its funniest moments on ABC.

TV Movies

CBS offers an inspiring line up of viewing favorites and hits such as Two and Half Men, NCIS, Criminal Minds and the Big Bang Theory and has several movies to keep viewers entertained. Several movies available on CBS are fun family favorites and can be enjoyed with the whole family and friends.

The popular made for TV movie series on CBS, Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost is the seventh movie of the series, which will be airing in May. Police chief Jesse Stone is played pay none other than our favorite Tom Selleck. The character Jesse will be solving crimes again as he explores the death of a teenage girl and tries to find reason to prove that a convicted murderer is actually innocent, Jesse has another overloaded plate of stress as he works to uncover the secrets of the girls death and the innocence of the convict. As his ex-wife keeps needling his nerves and he deals with the demons of alcoholism will Jesse be able to find the young girls killer and free the convict.

The popular Jesse Stone feature movies are based on the best selling novels created by Robert B Parker. A former L.A. homicide detective the character Jesse Stone ventures to the small New England town Paradise. Leaving behind the big city and an ex-wife Jesse believes he can begin a new life in the peaceful and quiet fishing town. Hired as the police chief of the small fishing town Paradise, in a later series Jesse finds himself living his worst nightmare as the slow pace finds him searching for more excitement. Writing parking tickets and chasing fast women it seems Jesse may be spiraling once again out of control. In the episode Sea Change these demons and boredom present him to open an old cold case to occupy his time and help keep him on track. The cold case has been sitting in the files for 12 years involving the murder of a bank teller.

In episode five, Thin Ice, Jesse finds himself in trouble caused by his involvement in a shoot out in Boston. He comes under suspicion and is investigated by Boston’s’ Internal Affairs Division of the Boston Police Department. Although his best friend was seriously injured, the States Homicide Commander, Healy it still causes Jesse to be reprimanded by the Town Council and he must be away from Paradise during the investigation. Soon his conflicts with the Town Council are multiplied when he fires one of the Police Departments premiere ticket writer, which costs the town in lost revenue, and he takes a case against the Councils wishes to find a womans missing son.

His troubles in episode six are still mounting and as Jesse is suspended by the Town Council of Paradise, he goes back to Boston. There he begins working for his friend Healy to help him investigate a series of suspicious murders. While away, a series of crimes keeps Rose and Suitcase busy in Paradise and to add to Jesse’s troubles his investigations in Boston soon lead him to the mob. Gino Fish the mob boss soon is after Jesse and is in serious danger. Hanging in suspense one can purchase the DVD’s of the Jesse Stone series and catch up before the release of the premiere of episode 7 on CBS in May.