Lake Davesprite Homestuck Vol. Comming Home partial VOX, no end. And undisputedly one of the most epic tracks on this album. In retrospect, over a year after uploading this video and almost two years after making the cover , it’s still one of my favorite covers I’ve made. Hope For You Yet. Homestuck Tentacles Squiddles! Become the Mayor of Cans coloUrs and mayhem:

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Flight of the White 1nv3st1gt41on. Homestuck Squiddles Campfire Squiddles! Field recordings capture the ecstatic bl1nd just1c3 1nv3st1g4t1on music of everyday Kosovar women; this is also the soundtrack to a short documentary.

In retrospect, over a year after uploading this video and almost two years after making the coverit’s still one of my favorite covers I’ve made.


LishaV aka Darkstargirl77 aka Leia the volume is uneven at some parts. Mystic Realm Boss Battles. I mean, should be. Click bl1nd just1c3 1nv3st1g4t1on to send us more music. The second LP from Kuedo feels like the soundtrack for future-noir, with rippling, uneasy synths and steadily-increasing tension.


MIDI and Sheet music:. Lake Revered Return Homestuck Vol. Personally, I Love Them. Buy the original song here:.

Homestuck / AlterniaBound – BL1ND JUST1C3: 1NV3ST1G4T1ON !! | FalKKonE on Patreon

Mucking About With Awakening. Homestuck Time on My Side Strife! Canciones de Homestuck – 9. But the sound is still fine! Aerial Garden Zone Act 4.

Homestuck – Black Bass – AZ Chords

Frisky Business “Spider Dance” orchestral arrangement. I made this almost a year ago and already released it on my Bandcamp, but never uploaded it to YouTube for some reason even though I’m quite happy with this cover.

New Born King Carol. Black Rose Green Sun. Royal Rumble Knight vs Knight. Andrew Hussie I don’t own this music, all the credit goes to the music team of homestuck If I didn’t put a theme that you might like to be in this mix put it in the comic section Bl1nd just1c3 1nv3st1g4t1on make a v.

Overload – cool and new volume 2. This isn’t actually a new 8 bit cover. Homestuck Atomic Bonsai Strife! Alterniabound 14 – Nepetas Theme. Alterniabound 07 – Vriskas Theme. 1hv3st1g4t1on


Скачать Homestuck AlterniaBound BL1ND JUST1C3 1NV3ST1G4T1ON Intense Symphonic Metal Cover MP3

Volume 0 Samm Neiland Grande Illusion: Slow Knife by Kuedo. Black Hole, Green Sun. After some tries I’ve been able to link each characters’ themes with a card for faster travelling Badly this is only for PC.


Alterniabound 13 – Nautical Nightmare. Rise of Lord English Shenanigans: