Aladdin may have vanquished the sinister Jafar in his last adventure, but that hasn’t stopped Jafar’s evil twin sister, Nasira, from seeking revenge. Argonaut Games Genre s: The sounds were real enough, but could have been done a little better. The texture variety, clarity, and detail are impressive, but they tend to jiggle around on the polygons, making the visuals seem like they have a nervous disorder. You will have the option to play the game using the regular D pad or the analog control.

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A little confusing but all in all, pretty cool. Their animation is particularly impressive– Aladdin will hold out his arms for balance while walking on thin ledges, and he’ll whip his legs while swinging from ropes to gain momentum.

Going Commando Einhander Resistance: Nasira uses her captives to manipulate Aladdin into doing the relic collecting for her. The challenges became increasingly difficult as I progressed. Glitches include falling through platforms into a digital abyss, as well as textures that sometimes fail to appear, leaving blank white spots in their place.

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Disney’s Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge PC, PS1 –

All the places that you visit have something new to look at and present a realistic feel to your environment. Speaking of controls, these were a little hard for me to master in the beginning. To add a different feel to the game, you get to play as Abu the monkey and as Jasmine as well. During the battles you will hear the clang of swords or the splat of an apple. Real-time cinemas show up far too infrequently to keep a young player’s interest.


Enter our hero, Aladdin and his crazy friend Genie. The texture variety, clarity, and detail are impressive, but they tend to jiggle around on the aladdin in nasiras revenge pc game, making the visuals seem like they have a nervous disorder.

Like most 3D platformers, Nasira’s Revenge has plenty of jumping, attacking, and butt-stomping. One minigame has Princess Jasmine riding a skateboard while another asks you to knock down as many targets as possible within a given time limit.

There are some auditory glitches in our boxed copy, including several songs that either skip or begin playing in reverse. By Metascore By user score. The draw-in distance barely reaches 30 virtual feet, and the pop-up is masked with dense black fog. As you search for the hidden treasures, you collect money much like Mario Brothers or Sonic. The repetitive Arabian music is pulled directly from the Aladdin films, so it rarely becomes offensive.

The sounds were well done and the game features voices from the television series to add continuity. Not a big deal once you figure out the logistics of it. Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The moves that are included are awkward to perform or are implemented aladdin in nasiras revenge pc game.


Disney’s Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge

A-Z Index Worst Games of The sluggish camera compounds problems further, making navigating simple areas a chore at times. If you are on the run and fighting, the camera is behind you, and if you are jumping from building to building, then you get a side view. There are also bosses to contend with later in the game. The game has a 3D world in which you can pan around to see everything. Nasira kicks off her vengeful plot by hypnotizing the palace guards and kidnapping Princess Jasmine and the Sultan.

As you run through the worlds, you are tasked with finding jewels, coins, etc. There was a great sense of texture through the game. The emotional expression nasirzs by the character animation looks like it could be the product of one of Disney’s artists. In the center of the island stands an ominous figure — she raises her hands to the skies and summons the once great Jafar. It’s disappointing that Robin Williams ditched his gig as the voice of the genie, but Naisras Godfried has returned to play the obnoxious parrot.