I would probably have implemented this differently, equating one kashida character to the narrowest kashida, two to the medium, and three to the long, but this seems to me an equivocal decision: If you have the practical knowledge of font creator then it will not be difficult for you. Skip to main content. With another font such Tatweels become visible agail. This high-end Arabic typeface is particularly well suited for traditional book typography. Your Tasmeem is a marvelous piece of work in Arabic Typography and I hope it will be quite difficult for someone to get ahead of it.

adobe naskh medium font

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Very nice font with so much ligation.

You may contact me on zuhairbazi at gmail dot com. Learn more about language support.

Adobe Naskh Medium

Sorry, I have no admin privileges here. Thomas Milo, thank you for liking the font and for your encouraging comments on my hard work.

Upload a photo to scan for similar type. If you like to be informed at the time of release then please send your email address at alqalam at gmail dot com.

adobe naskh medium font

Dear Hrant, About 10 days have passed I have been continuously trying to post a new thread but could not succeeded. If you know you need a specific combination of languages or features covered, you can use these filters to narrow down your search while browsing our library. While the use of the ‘kashida key’ described by Muhammad is indeed convenient, it involves manually editing the underlying text string in order to affect aeobe change in the appearance of the text.

Without his valuable help I would not have succeeded in preparing such a Masterpiece of Arabic Naskh font. A few, brief comments: The high quality typeface is character based, almost free of ligatures, as only 9 ligatures are included in Arabic glyphs.


adobe naskh medium font

Tasmeem is a plug-in for InDesign that provides a particular user interface for working with the advanced typographic features of ACE fonts via the ACE layout engine. If you could confirm, I have found that manually only a single tatweel can be inserted at the allowed places while word shaping interface allows three levels of tatweel at the same place. Even at a document level the kashida can be easily removed by find and remove command.

Free Adobe Naskh Medium Fonts

Though it looks very easy in a short work of a single page or few pages but it becomes quite time consuming at longer document level. This is quite a feat! The greatest ease of work in Tasmeem is that it shows all the variables for a word before implementation as compared to my OpenType font in which there is no way to do so as it is just a font not a software or software-plugin.

It contains over Arabic glyphs, including contextual alternates for letters and marks and language-specific forms. I also tried with different computers with different net connections and also zdobe other typophile accounts but all in vain.

Adobe Naskh Medium Free Font

I have tried to give wide range of features to Arabic users in an opentype font. You may encounter slight variations in the name of this font, depending on where you use it. Badr Oraby, I will wait for your font BadrJalaal. Dear Zuhair Albazi Sahib Thank u for adobd. In our Aldhabi font for MS, vont can accommodate up to 10 kashida characters as a long, ligated kashida stroke; if a user enters 11, 12, 13 etc. In this case there are at least two benefits. I think releasing will take some time.


Adobe Naskh | Adobe Fonts

It means if another font is applied to the same text then the swallowed kashida will re-appear. Visually, it works only with flat styles of type with strictly horizontal baseline connections. If a user keys a tatweel character code in such a position, ACE trashes it from the string; hence Tom’s term ‘trashida’.

The graceful curves, rounded terminals, and the contrast between thick and thin strokes are consistent and lively throughout the typeface providing all the correct calligraphic shapes for quality Arabic Naskh. Then I used the aadobe Fonts’ function to create Multiple Master width sources one for narrowest to standard elongation, one for standard to widest elongation; it would be possible, of course, to do this with only the narrowest and widest, but Tim wanted more control over the shape in the most common intermediate widths, which correspond to avobe swash sin.

Welcome to Typophile Please Sign in. This nqskh the sort of thing I am doing with Aldhabi. Wdobe is not merely a font but an ultimate typesetting and design tool for the Arabic script in classic Naskh style, with letters variants and calligraphic styles, specifically developed to take advantage of the extensive functionality for Naskh Arabic typography.